What You Need to Know About Customer Perception

Customer perception refers to a customer’s opinion on a business such as tow truck, and the products such business offer. It is a summary of how customers feel about a brand including every direct and indirect experience they have with your business. If you can monitor customer perception, your business stands a better chance to spotting common user pains and working on solutions to improve customer experience. To measure customer perception, you will need to gather different qualitative and quantitative customer data. You will need to look at resources such as net promoter score surveys and customer interviews to get an accurate view of customer perception. If you are lacking this vital data, you need to consider customer feedback tools to help you collect vital information about your customers.

Here are some of the surest ways to improve customer perception.

Look Inward

Are you by any chance putting process over people? One of the biggest obstacles business normally face is to overcome their processes approach to customer success. While it is very valuable to have direction, having too much process and protocol can get in the way of real human interactions. To ensure your business is not getting on its way, you need to take time and evaluate your existing approach. When it comes to communication, are you being proactive or reactive with your customers? When it comes to reaching out to them, are you getting to them before a problem rises and you must act when there is a real problem affecting them?

Strike an emotional chord with your customers

One of the most effective ways to maximize customer value is to move beyond mere customer satisfaction and connect with your customers on an emotional level. You need to tap into fundamental motivations and fulfil their deep and often unspoken emotional needs. As far as customers are concerned, actions and words carry a lot of weight. To build strong bonds and promote positive experiences with your customers, you must actively demonstrate your commitment to relating with them at every touch point. You need to dig beyond the surface and actively listen to customer needs and be committed to helping them at every stage.

Lean on positive language

Positive emotions have a lot of power of opening us. These feelings will allow us to see more and change our perceptions and understanding of possibilities. You should never suppress the interpersonal emotions of employees as doing so may lead to decline in satisfaction and productivity. People who provide services in the capacity of their work with daily interactions with customers sometimes develop feelings for them. Expression of natural positive emotions will be well received by the other party.

Additionally, you must express your commitment to consistency. When it comes to consistency, it is important you take a step back and consider its role in customer onboarding process. To have a positive customer perception, you want to ensure that all business units work together to achieve a common purpose. You must establish core operating values such as respect, integrity and customer focus and serve as framework for all your brand interactions.

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