How to Improve Your Customer Service

Every roof installation business wants to differentiate itself from competitors. However, many companies struggle to achieve the same. Marketers typically look out to roll new deals with huge discounts with the aim of attracting new customers. In situations when you need to some short-term sale, that may be just enough to do the trick. However, if you are looking for long term solutions, one of the most important things you can do is to improve your customer service department. Your customer service team will always play a huge role in delighting customers as there are plenty of opportunities you can use to make your customers happy. Let us explore some of the most unique ways you can use to improve customer service and create positive experiences for them.

Offer tiered customer support options

As a business, you can create subscription level customer support plans instead of providing the same level of customer service to all clients. An example is where the tiered options could be phone support only, phone and email support, and phone, email and social media support to the highest tier. The lowest tier is normally guaranteed to every customer with others available on additional purchase. There are a couple of reasons tiered plans works best. Depending on the number and types of plans you have purchased, you can estimate the case volume that your support reps will have to cover. If you can know the approximate workload, you can distribute and manage your staff accordingly and this will lead to decreased resolution times.

Standardize customer incentives

If you make a mistake, you should offer customer incentives that can be redeemed. But more importantly, you should avoid giving away too many incentives blindly. If you respond to every customer issue, you run the risk of irritating them next time you are faced with a situation where incentives are not available. When customers contact support on an issue, they will need to get actual solution and not just consolations. You need to standardize your incentive offerings to ensure everyone has some levels of expectations. Evaluate every situation you are faced with to determine if it’s worth getting incentives.

Prepare response templates

When customers are using digital channels to contact customer support concerning a certain question, reps tend to send them a link or a document that contains an answer. In most cases, customers get intimidated or confused by links with a lot of information to read on. While reps might believe they have provided the right solution, customers might still have additional questions they need clarification on. This may result in a customer getting irritated because they need a quick solution or answer, and not a 20-minute read. You should never overload a customer with a lot of information to read in pursuit for answers to their question, but instead simplify the process for your customers.

Additionally, work on automating your communications. Bringing more automation into customer service communication can help keep your reps from not having to answer questions repeatedly