Simple Ways to Increase Conversion Rates for Your Website

Increasing conversions for your website is very critical. Having a good conversion rate is the key foundation of a high sales volume. Your conversion rate is a measure of how many times on-site users convert. In any case, it’s a quantifiable action that a user takes on your site that may lead to revenue or a step closer to income.

Here are simple ways to increase conversions on your website

Include reviews, testimonials, and guarantees

Trust is earned therefore you have to make new users trust you by including user reviews or testimonials. Users trust brands more when they offer a lot of third-party reviews. If you have any affiliations with major publishers, brands or industry influencers be kind enough to show them with badges. Whenever there is a transaction risk must be present. Usually, the buyer is the one who bears most of the risk therefore if the risk seems big the customer will not want to purchase the product but if you offer guarantees, the buyer might be willing to take a chance by buying your product. Guarantees reduce risk and increase sales of your product.

Compare with the competition before other people do

Every product and service has its competitors both direct and indirect. Most people research before buying a product and compare it among different providers. Rarely will people buy your product without checking your competition first? Therefore taking that into account you need to use it to compare your products to other competing products before other users do and try to up your game on what you have to offer. You need to provide information on why your product is better because if you don’t people will tend to buy products from your competitors.

You can add product comparison pages on your site since it can keep people from leaving your website because they can already make the comparison they need on your site. Not only will this make everyone stay on your site, but you will win over a good portion of visitors.

Use a strong headline

The first impression is crucial. Try to make your products as compelling as possible. The strength of the headline can make or break the conversions. Since this is what people first see when they log into your site you need to give a good impression by using strong words and straightforward language to make a clear and unique value proposition. Do not use gimmicks and clichés since most of the users detest them.

The potential of your conversion rate is strongly determined by the value proposition thus making it the most important conversion factor. Most marketers try to improve results by changing some minor elements such as images, button shapes font colors, and so on, while the most important thing is focusing on strengthening their value propositions. You must also know that having a strong value proposition is not enough; it must be well articulated to achieve optimal results.

Include a visual demonstration

Instead of writing about your product include a video or an image-based demonstration of what it is and how it works. Most people crave visuals because sight, as they say, is the strongest sense. If your product is intangible, like a software subscription, show footage of someone or yourself using the software. There is always a way to include a visual and visuals always make it easy to sell since the users won’t have to struggle to find out how to go to your site.

By doing this, you can be assured that you will increase conversions on your website.

How to Build a Customer-Focused Company

Managers have a tendency of telling employees that the customer is always right, thinking that the phrase alone will make a company to be customer centric. Making customer the centerpiece of your business is a lot easier said than done. Being customer focused requires complete alignment with customer success. Companies that are customer focused differentiate themselves from competition and their business stand on a good trajectory for success. These companies have a culture that is dedicated to meeting all customer needs. They ensure all facets of the business prioritize customer satisfaction as their primary concern.

Being customer focused is not just a PR stunt. It can be very important for the success of your business. Companies that are very stagnant or experiencing a decline in revenue, one of the best things they can do it to offer customer focused solutions. Creating a customer focused company is not as easy as it sounds. Customer needs are constantly evolving and businesses must work to evolve with the same. Keeping up with customer’s continuous changes can be very much overwhelming for your team. If you are looking for tips on how to have a better navigation of the process, here are some of the best ways to go about it.

Solve for specific customer need

Customers will always have needs and these needs keep on changing. It is very important to ensure these needs are fully solved. Many companies have a lot of trouble hiring and retaining employees. It is very important to recruit the right talent and prepare them to deliver according to customer needs and expectations. By solving specific customer needs, you will be able to grow more talent, raise your revenues and establish yourself as a leader in your industry.

Look for product improvements

When in business, you will be required to deliver products and services to your customers. There is no point you will say your product is hundred percent perfect. You need to always look for opportunities to improve on what you offer to your customers. Your products will always have a space for improvement. The success of your business will be determined by how fast you can learn customer needs and deliver according to their expectations.

Make Customers part of your brand

One of the key things leading things top brands do is to engage with their customers and appreciate their important when it comes to making key decisions affecting demand for products and services. If you can get a way of including customer voice in your content, you stand a better way to differentiate yourself from competition.

You also need to be very proactive when communicating company changes. If you can be proactive in communicating changes to your c customers, it shows you care for your customers. You can achieve the same by identifying the most valuable account and ensure you can make your customers happy and satisfied. You need to go above and beyond as far as customer service is concerned. You must aim at making your customers happy no matter what. Create a system of reliability and trust to make your customers want to associate with you and believe in what you offer.

Best Management Styles When Working with a Team

If there is something most business leaders can relate to, it’s the work ethic and management style projected by many NBA managers. Right from coordinating big NBA superstars, blending a team, managing and controlling various aspects that make a team come together. Managers are tasked with a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders and often come under a lot of pressure to deliver expected results. They must come up with new tactics and strategies to produce expected teams. They know very well when to motivate, coach, delegate, encourage and administer discipline among team members. When it comes to management, there are different styles. Some of these styles are more suitable for particular instances while others may not be encouraged or applicable.

Let’s have a look at some of the best management styles you should aim at incorporating while managing a team.


A visionary leader communicates purpose and direction to her employees and works to convince her team to work hard to execute her vision. After setting a vision for the team as well as an overarching strategy, visionary managers usually let their employees get down to work on their terms, as long as they can express their productivity. Managers will only check on their team to ensure they are on the right track or when there is a need to share new insights. Additionally, such moves give employees a sense of autonomy, which all managers need to provide, as self-direction is a basic psychological need. When humans work on tasks they have more control over, they feel more satisfied and motivated to complete those tasks. To have better execution of tasks, visionary managers give a lot of feedback to their employees about performance and praise when performance meets expectations.


In democratic management, the majority rules. Managers normally let their employees participate in the decision-making process because they value the diversity of their team, and understand that people are key to the success of any business. Democratic managers ultimately approve all decisions, but since their employees are so involved in the decision-making process, their teams have a lot of influence on their manager’s decision. Employees are so much involved in the decision-making process because managers know it makes their managers feel valued, boosts morale, and forges a healthy and trusting relationship. Most employees love this type of management style because it entrusts them with a lot of responsibility and real work, which lets them use their skills to their full potential.


Transformational managers are so innovative. They usually believe change and growth are the only true ways to stay ahead of the curve and they work to push their employees past their comfort zones. They make them realize they are more capable than originally thought. They motivate their employees to keep raising the bar, and this leads to improved team performance. Employees lead by transformational managers are usually more dedicated and happy. Their managers constantly challenge and motivate them with the idea that they can reach their potential if they just keep pushing themselves. These managers are also right by their employee’s side and do whatever they can to help them succeed.


Just like a sports coach, a coaching manager strives to improve their employee’s long-term professional development. They have a passion for teaching and watching their employees grow. They are more willing to deal with employee’s short-term failures as long as they learn and get better because of them.